Labor of Love: ValenTangle 2021

After a year that had left none of us unchanged, that had kept testing our resilience, there it was: ValenTangle 2021. In English, French, Spanish and Japanese! Like all previous editions, this one was going to be about working with intent to feel connected to the creative process and to each other. Our tools for this project? Heart energy and heart tangles.

ValenTangle aims to encourage the idea that each and everyone of us can make a positive impact every day. Our decisions matter. So do our actions, large and small. Creating a piece of art with intention, is a positive act. Once again we have managed to create a cascade of positive acts together.

In the albums alone, 1578 creations were posted. Ofcourse it’s not about quantity per se. It is about the amazing fact that during a mere few weeks there were at least 1578 moments when -somewehere on the globe- a woman decided to take the time to create something unique!

Thank you once more for contributing to Valentangle 2021. The art you have shared keeps inspiring me. Your encouragement of eachother moves me and meeting so many of you during the live-sessions, was a privilege.

Wishing you a 2021 with increasing, and newly appreciated, freedom! Marguerite


ValenTangle will start soon. What is it? It’s two weeks of following daily tangle prompts that include hearts/hearttangles, starting the first of February. CZT Marguerite

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